Information and Resources for Applicants

Successful events start with strong speakers. This is your opportunity to highlight your expertise and offer real solutions to the most urgent problems sales compensation professionals face today. We want to help you craft an excellent proposal so you can make your voice heard, and deliver impactful, intelligent solutions to the sales compensation community via three key topic areas:

Sales Compensation

Sales Operations

Sales Analytics

We are offering the following resources to support you, our applicants: 

  • Read the information on this page to learn about selection criteria, topics, available session formats, and speaker types.
  • Download the Submission Planning Worksheet to help you think through your submission before heading to the digital form.
  • Attend an Office Hour session. During this time WorldatWork staff will be available to review and provide feedback on submissions, help solve any technical problems, or answer general questions about the event or Call. 
    • Session 1: March 6, 11:00am - 12:30pm ET
    • Session 2: March 14, 3:30pm - 5:00pm ET

All submissions must be completed through the online form and are due by March 20 at 5:00pm PT. If you need an accommodation or have questions, please email us at

What are the Key Dates?

February 21, 2024

Call for Sepakers Open

March 20, 2024, 5:00pm PT

Call for Speakers Closes

By April 17, 2024*

Notifications Sent

*After sessions are selected, accepted speakers will receive more details about the venue, technical requirements, deliverables and training.

What is the selection criteria?

We want to deliver an engaging attendee experience with creative learning methods and tangible takeaways that empower attendees to drive change in their organizations delivered by passionate, expert speakers.

The committee will make selections based on the following criteria: 

  • Session Outcomes: Are they actionable and participant-centered?
  • Topic: Is it a unique or progressive take on the evolving trends or emerging challenges faced in the sales compensation, operations, or analytics landscape? See below for a list of key topic areas.
  • Alignment of Level: Does the information provided align with the stated learning level?
  • Speaker Profile: Do the speakers included in the applicant demonstrate unique points of view, expertise, and enthusiasm for the topic?
  • Speaking Skills: Does the application provide evidence of ability to engage participants? Examples of evidence include prior speaking experience in your bio, quotes from past participants, or speaking sample video. 

What key topic areas can sessions address?

Sales Compensation

Discover emerging, high-impact solutions for designing and implementing competitive sales compensation plans that motivate your sales teams.

Sales Operations

Gain insights that will help you shape a successful strategy and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your sales processes.

Sales Analytics

Get a data-driven edge, allowing you to precisely pinpoint your sales team’s performance, gauge sales trends, and assess growth opportunities.

What types of session formats will be at Sales Comp'24?

We all have different learning preferences. In order to meet as many individual preferences as possible, Sales Comp'24 will offer a variety of session formats. The submission form will ask you to suggest which of the following formats you believe will best help participants engage with your ideas. If your submission is accepted, you will work with the WorldatWork team to finalize your session format. 

Point-Counter Point Debate (Up to 60 minutes)

One moderator and no more than two speakers will have an interactive lively discussion in which they will put forth opposing views on the session topic. (Max. 2 presenters plus 1 moderator)

Interactive Panel (Up to 60 minutes)

Panelists present case studies from multiple perspectives facilitated by a moderator. The moderator will facilitate a formal Q&A or polling with the audience and panelists for a minimum of 15 minutes. (Max. 3 presenters plus 1 moderator)

1-on-1 Interview (Up to 60 minutes)

The moderator questions the presenter on the session topic for approximately three-fourths of the time, after which the floor is opened for questions from the audience. (Max. 1 presenter plus 1 moderator)

Presentation (Up to 60 minutes)

An outcomes-focused session on a specific topic—showcasing best practices, lessons learned “in the trenches,” and actionable insights. (Max. 3 presenters)

Workshop (Up to 90 minutes)

Workshops give a small group of participants (usually a maximum of 50) the opportunity to apply what they have learned during the session. Group or independent exercises (e.g., writing examples, brainstorming, case studies, role-playing) are the heart of these sessions. Because of the longer length, these sessions are great if you have several related learning objectives you want participants to complete in one session. (Max. 2 facilitators)

What types of speakers present at Sales Comp'24?

Academic: Full or part-time professor with no other source of employment.

Consultant: A professional hired to provide expert advice to multiple clients or organizations. Does not include internal consultants. See practitioner definition.

  • Examples: Partner, Managing Director, Principal, Practice Leader, Attorney

Non-Profit Organization Representative: Advocate from a relevant non-profit, offering industry-specific insights and expertise, aligning with our event's cause and mission. 

Practitioner: “Internal” professionals accountable to influence or deliver rewards for that one specific organization. Excludes those working in professional services supporting external customers.

  • Examples: Head of Sales Compensation, Sales Compensation Analyst, Incentive Compensation Manager

Service Partner: A supplier or someone who works for a company that provides organizations with services other than management consulting. See consultant definition.

  • Examples: Sales Compensation Platforms Provider, Incentive Information System Solutions

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